The settings item is where configuration happens for the whole graph.

The simplest settings has no options, but the runtime will typically fill in the viewport and random seed.

settings @{}
settings @{
  randomSeed: "fd0690aa6e28de4c9fad0830a5bff5d7",
  viewport: @{ xmin: -10, xmax: 10, ymin: -10, ymax: 10 },

Most of the time, you don't need to edit the settings style mapping yourself. Panning and zooming will update it, as will manipulating any settings in the UI settings menu (wrench, top right).

Style Mapping

Here's a full list of available options by example.

settings @{
  viewport: @{
    xmin: -10,
    ymin: -10,
    xmax: 10,
    ymax: 10,
  squareAxes: true,
  randomSeed: "abc",
  xAxisLabel: "x",
  yAxisLabel: "y",
  xAxisArrowMode: "BOTH",
  yAxisArrowMode: "BOTH",
  xAxisMinorSubdivisions: 2,
  yAxisMinorSubdivisions: 2,
  xAxisStep: 6.283185307179586,
  yAxisStep: 3,
  degreeMode: false,
  showGrid: true,
  showXAxis: true,
  showYAxis: true,
  xAxisNumbers: true,
  yAxisNumbers: true,
  polarMode: false,
  polarNumbers: false,
  restrictGridToFirstQuadrant: true,
  lockViewport: true,

xAxisArrowMode and yAxisArrowMode can be "NONE", "POSITIVE", or "BOTH"

xAxisMinorSubdivisions and yAxisMinorSubdivisions should be a positive integer

Letting xAxisStep or yAxisStep be a small fractional multiple of pi (such as pi/2 or 2*pi) will write the steps in terms of pi.